Towards a Sustainable Future with Green Energy

We have extensive experience in implementing Large Solar Scale Project (LLS) and Net Energy Metering (NEM) in green technology sectors covering Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE)


We provide


Design & engineering

We analyze every parameters & relevant data to produce the optimal solar PV system


Construction & Installation works

We materialize the solar PV system with a high degree of workmanship quality and safety


Testing & commisioning

We perform T&C to ensure the PV system is well functioning and comply to the technical & safety requirements.


Operation & maintenance

We are committed to cater any performance issues occurred during operation and we perform routine maintenance as per scheduled.


project management & consultancy

We provide the excellence project management team to monitor/ consult/ supervise completion within the timeline and budgetary.


Liason with authority

We liaise with the authorities to facilitate approval and quota requisitions.


We’re constantly evolving to bring you the most up-to-date solar technology solutions so you can stay green while saving money on your energy bill.

commercial & industrial

Are you looking for cost-cutting and profit-boosting ideas for your company? You can do exactly that by going solar. Plus, there’s more. It also implies a boost in your company’s profile.


We have the right ideas to help community organisations of all sizes and forms, such as colleges, non-profits, and government buildings, save money by producing renewable energy.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

A Low-Cost Alternative

If you are a homeowner, a business/ factory owner, or a township developer, we can help you save money by offering cost-effective energy-saving solutions.

Green Lifestyle

We agree that being environmentally conscious and realistic go hand in hand. As a result, we will partner with you to reduce your carbon footprint in the most stress-free manner possible.

One-Stop Solution Center

We give you truly end-to-end hassle-free solar solutions from consultation to installation, maintenance, and monitoring as a one-stop solar solutions provider.


Become a trailblazer in the transition to renewable energy. Dynamic EnergyTech is constantly evolving so you can stay ahead of the curve and set the pace.

Certified Expert

With the experience of our expertise, you can expect flawless project execution and smooth running. We guarantee long-term product durability and quality workmanship.

ZERO Upfront Cost

We provide you with a solution at no cost up front, so you can save money on energy right away and potentially protect your company in the long run.

Financial Stability

We have the financial muscle to make big investments.


We completely support the Smart City concept, including Smart Grid implementation, clean energy integration, and improved energy management.

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